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Don’t Fear Your Fears

Fear is a feeling. And like all feelings or emotions, it is physical. That is, fear mainly has to do with the body.fearful woman from

Despite its physicality, fear can keep you, the spirit, from moving forward.

I help many of my clairvoyant reading clients work through their fears. It makes sense that fear often comes up in a reading. Usually, someone contacts me because they want to make a change, embark on a new direction, or get guidance about an opportunity or decision. With the contemplation of risk, some fear may light up – followed by a request for help.

My neutral, clairvoyant response (with a dash of calm Jewish mother) is twofold: 1) assess the present situation and 2) check out the fear that it has triggered for the person. Then we can narrow the gap between the two – the upcoming opportunity vs. the fears – noticing whether the latter really have anything to do with the former, or instead are spectres from the past.

Now that insight is the gift you want to get to. The opening feeling of possibility now.

How does it work for me to look at your fears? First, I see a particular energy of fear as a color vibration somewhere in your personal space (your body and aura). Then the origins of the fear reveal themselves to me, as static pictures or a kind of movie. Then we can talk it through and create some release together.

Sounds easy, right? Yes, and no. Read on. But first, a bit more about fear.

It’s a powerful ally, the red flag that can save your life once you sense possible danger to your physical well-being.

jagged feelings from lisabintuitive.comYour brain responds to the red flag by automatically coordinating an impressive array of physical responses in a chain reaction, what we call a “fight or flight” response. Chemical releases make your heart race, your breath speed up, your muscles mobilize. Systems you don’t need, like digestion, slow down. Abilities you do need, like eyesight, sharpen. Your thinking is more reactive than rational.

While these responses make sense in imminent danger, if you feel constant fear or a sense of unending threat, you can find yourself partly shutting down. This shutdown is a physical response. Chronic fear can dampen your immune system, damage your cardiovascular function, screw up your digestion, cause ulcers, even decrease fertility. Yikes!

Ongoing fear even short-circuits the healthy processes of the brain. When you’re in fear, the world, of course, looks scarier.

A vicious cycle of more anxiety may start. It’s harder to read clues and information we find in others. We may not recognize opportunities or make sound decisions. Even low-level fear amps us up too much, then leading to fatigue and depression.

So, back to you and your fears, and a story that may yield tactics to deal with them.

question mark from lisabintuitive.comI’ve been working regularly with someone on a mission to improve her financial situation. I’ll call her Marjorie (and never fear, she approved this blog post). A job opportunity had come up within her current workplace, a government office, that piqued her interest, but she had some reluctance about pursuing it. It would be more interesting than her current position, with better pay and improved status. Still, she felt torn about applying. I took a look at it and saw that it was a great opportunity for her.

Marjorie applied for the job. Shortly after, she was indeed invited to interview. She called to tell me she felt conflicted and fearful and wanted to dump the whole pursuit. So at her request I took a more in-depth look at it.

First, I clarified that she should do what she wanted and what would make her feel good. Don’t go after this thing for me or anyone else.

Next, we looked one by one at Marjorie’s specific fears. Would applying for this big promotion attract unwanted attention from her coworkers, when she preferred to keep her head down and stay out of the office gossip loop? And would her low-profile “outsider” role in the office hurt her chances?hopeful flowers from

I saw that neither was true; in fact, going for the new position would lead to her gaining more respect from her coworkers. And somehow her outsider status didn’t look like a problem in applying for the position. And Marjorie acknowledged that her feeling of being a bit covert in the office and knowing that others didn’t accurately see her substantial capabilities had downsides: she felt isolated and undervalued.

What about her supervisor, who probably was also applying for the position? I saw that her supervisor looked supportive, even though it did look like she too was applying for the position.

squeezed cat from lisabintuitive.comAnd didn’t that mean it was a waste of Marjorie’s time to apply? Actually, Marjorie and I talked about how applying anyway could be a beneficial chance to gather letters of recommendation for other positions, which would have the added benefit of attracting increased respect for her now that she was being considered for the job. And it was possible that the supervisor would move away or change direction, or who knows what – so applying could pan out.

What about the background check that could be involved – wouldn’t it give her disgruntled ex the chance to soil her reputation?

Somehow, in my clairvoyant assessment, this element didn’t look damaging. It looked to me that her ex would be an unreliable information source to the employer. And Marjorie clarified that she would have a chance to rebut anything the ex said, and that a background check may not even be necessary.

Finally, wouldn’t this high-profile position put a damper on her personal freedom? Could she go out and have a drink and enjoy herself without worrying about damaging the office’s reputation? It didn’t look like a realistic downside to me.

So one by one, Marjorie’s superficial fears melted into non-issues – at least, as I saw it clairvoyantly.

Having looked at the more short-term fears, I suggested we move on to another energy I saw in her space: the underlying fear Marjorie felt about applying for the position.

She then hit on a great insight: she now felt confident and free when applying for jobs in other organizations, but with this application, people in her current workplace would be talking about her – and that made her anxious. Her body felt afraid at the thought of it, complete with some shortness of breath, muscle tension, and some of the other symptoms listed above.

What was it about knowing that others who knew her already would be talking about her that was so scary and uncomfortable?a ghost from the past from

What I saw involved keeping secrets. There was a strong command in Marjorie’s space that no one was supposed to talk about family secrets. Her current coworkers, though she wasn’t that close to them, still had that daily familiarity that reminded her of a family. And you weren’t supposed to talk about family, either with family or with others.

In fact, I saw a picture of her hiding in a closet as a little girl. I asked Marjorie if this happened and what it reminded her of. Marjorie then shared with me some details about the abuse that had unfolded in her family. (This made me sad and angry, but I was able to stay neutral and keep looking at her space without bias.)

I noticed she had received energy programming from others in her family that said the abuse was not supposed to be exposed. No one was supposed to talk about it, to other family members or to those outside the family.I got your head from

This trauma, and this energetic command to keep it a secret, had been re-stimulated by Marjorie’s coming out of hiding in her office through her application for the high-profile position.

And the re-stimulated trauma was expressed in Marjorie’s discomfort with the idea of people in her day-to-day reality talking about her and her “background” – though of course the childhood trauma in her background would never have been exposed in this context.

As we talked about all this, Marjorie identified a related fear: that her interviewers would find out she was lying in her resume and her cover letter – although she wasn’t. This fear, I saw, also was rooted in the old childhood trauma and the related energy pictures about what would happen if she told the truth: maybe she would be accused of lying.

We had hit on some of the roots of her fear. She had already done a lot of work on this issue over the years, but it had revealed itself again. Sometimes trauma requires a number of passes to fully release its impact. Sometimes it never fully goes away. But you can diminish its effect on you over time.

So now, in the session, I used energy clearing and healing techniques to help Marjorie release more of its impact. She noticed a great sense of release and relief.

I then helped Marjorie replenish her cleared-out personal space with her own good-feeling vibration, using visualization with her and the help of my healing guides.

yellow rose from

During the week after this session, Marjorie still went back and forth about scheduling the job interview. But she kept gathering more information about the opportunity from a couple of trusted folks in her office.

Interestingly, she learned that her “outsider” status in the office was a plus (I had seen that it wasn’t a problem, but being an asset was even better), as the person who would be her new supervisor if she were promoted wanted someone who didn’t gossip and who was discreet.

So she embarked on the pre-interview requirement to gather letters of recommendation from some others in her office.

To her surprise, her current supervisor gave her an incredibly glowing recommendation. Her positive feelings grew, both about herself and her officemates. And as Marjorie updated her resume and read over the letters, she felt more and more confident, thinking, Wow, I’m pretty good! All this was a big boost, even without the interview!

I got a call from Marjorie the night of the interview. It had gone fantastically. She triumphantly narrated how empowered, articulate, and confident she felt, and the respect and interest in her qualifications she noticed from the panel of interviewers.

Whether or not she gets the job, her sense of self, and her status in the workplace, had changed.solution clip art from

So by taking the risk of applying for a high-profile promotion, Marjorie became aware of her surface fears, which we could address one by one.

These really were red flags pointing to a big underlying fear, one that had receded shadowlike into the background of her awareness – don’t come out of hiding among your immediate family, even your work family, and don’t put yourself in a position of being talked about. Who knew this dynamic was still present in her current government position?

Seeing the underlying, outdated, yet still extremely charged fear gave Marjorie the chance to more fully eradicate this energetic presence in her reality.

With some help, she had enabled herself not only to start fulfilling her goals, but also to reduce the negative impact on her health, perceptions, and dreams that even background chronic fear creates.

And in the short term, she had raised her visibility in the office, saw that she had allies there, gathered excellent letters of recommendation, performed great in a high-profile job interview, and bolstered her professional self-confidence.

No matter what happens next, Marjorie had won. She had gained more freedom and more happiness.

Don’t fear your fears. When they come up, see it as a chance to get to know them better – with a bit of perspective.

You’ll see that your fears are not you. Rather, they are separate energy entities adhering to you, often just artifacts of your past experience. Little by little, or a lot by a lot, you can release them.

a spirit needs tweet from

copyright © 2016 Lisa Bernstein

Excerpts from a Month in the Life of a Psychic Reader

smallish red rose from spiritualmechanicsofdiabetes blog by Lisa B

Here are just some of the pressing issues my clients have been asking about in the past few weeks: 

  ~ A custody matter

  ~ An affair

  ~ A legal case

  ~ An upcoming promotion

  ~ The exact nature of a couple of new businesses under development (by two clients)

  ~ Whether to buy a second home in a particular city

  ~ How to make a bar mitzvah go well

  ~ What to ask for (and receive!) in a (now not so) rocky romantic relationship

  ~ The energetic roots of one client's ADD

  ~ The emotional aspects of another's hip pain, and 

  ~ Where to go on vacation.

Among other questions.  (I offer neutral insight on any question, with warmth and even humor.)

Every person I read got specific answers to their questions, including a sense of greater ease and clarity about relevant past and present forces and desires, and help with encouraging the future to unfold in ways the person I was reading would prefer. 

Curious? Have a burning question? Want to let go of outmoded programming and old energies that keep you stuck? 

Good timing! Because I've just adjusted my prices to allow folks with various budgets to get readings. Try:

~ A 20-minute taste for $49 (clairvoyant or clairvoyant tarot)
~ A half-hour reading for $69, or
~ A full-hour for $130

~ Refer someone and get 10% off your next reading

Invest a little bit in yourself!  You will feel different afterward  – in a good way.

Get in touch here. And read some testimonials of satisfied clients here.
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So, who’s setting the tone for your holiday season?

So, who’s setting the tone for your holiday season? And how’s that working out for you? 

It’s a cliché that we in the developed world are bombarded with messages saying that our winter celebrations should involve consumption and commodities. The other part of the cliché is that you should fight these messages by somehow returning to the true, original, spiritual meaning of your preferred traditional winter holidays. Two competing shoulds.

I have a simple, technical suggestion that’s a little bit different. Reset the tone, the vibration, for yourself, of your own holiday season. More on how to do that below; you can skip to the end right now to read about it. Or continue on for more of my own holiday story.

As children, we usually default to the tone, and all the accompanying customs and emotions, that our family sets for the holidays. The result for me has been mixed. As a child in suburban Long Island, New York, I lived mainly among other secular Jews. Though my family was grounded in what I call the left-wing branch of Judaism – focused on progressive social action but not religious observance – we did what most of our neighbors and friends of various political leanings did for the holidays. We decorated a tree and exchanged gifts on Christmas, pretty much in the spirit that to do so was to be American; we also lit candles in a menorah and gave Hanukkah presents. It felt normal and comfortable.

We moved to Cupertino, Calif. when I was 10 years old, and I suddenly felt like an outsider.  

Read the rest of the blog post here (I don't want to compromise its searchability with a duplicated post).... 

Creativity, Communication, and Confidence: Workshop 3/21/15 for Singers/Performers

Being a performer is so much about letting others see and hear who you really are. Which can be terrifying  — and liberating.

I realized this all over again last night while on the road to an audition, with exhausted vocal cords from overpracticing and thoughts of pulling over, calling the bandleader, and feigning a flat tire. 

Three things kept me going: the fact that I didn't want to waste having put on make-up, the fact that I didn't want to be seen as a flake by this band I wanted to join, and (maybe most important) using the tools that I and my co-teacher would be teaching in our upcoming workshop for performers.

By the way, I made it. And the audition was a success! 

Daria and I are offering our fourth workshop on mind-body-spirit tools for performers since we inaugurated them in May 2014. This time we're focusing on creativity, communication, and confidence.

Past participants of these offerings have raved about them. A couple of comments from our most recent workshop, in February at Blue Bear School of Music in San Francisco: 

"Thanks for reconnecting me to my spirit self. I forgot the little girl who just loved to sing." 

"I thoroughly enjoyed it and greatly appreciate the marrying of technique and spiritual/emotional awareness."

Want to be seen and heard as who you really are, as a creative person and performer? Treat yourself to this workshop on March 21.


Mind-Body-Spirit Tools

for Creativity, Communication, and Confidence


A Workshop for Singers and Other Performers


All Levels Welcome


taught by

Daria and Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein)


Saturday, March 21st

12:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Piedmont Piano Company

1728 San Pablo Ave.Oakland, CA


$90 ($85 for Registration by March 9)

for more information see



Coming to San Francisco: Mind-Body-Spirit Tools for Singers

Blue Bear School of Music from

The Complete Singer:

Spiritual, Technical, and Practical Tools 

to Help You Realize Your Musical Dreams

I began my vocal training at Blue Bear School of Music more than 20 years ago. That makes it especially exciting to bring the workshop I originated with vocalist-educator Daria to this welcoming school.

More on How to Ground Your Body

Last September, I introduced the intuitive tool of grounding your body (and your personal energy space):

Here's more about this relaxing, refreshing, stabilizing tool – and about how to replenish yourself after you release energy you don't want or need.

Kyoto Autumn Leaves by Malcolm Browne under Creative Commons license, see below

You, the spirit, ground your body.

You might notice, after you first do it, that grounding your body feels familiar. Some people get grounded and start dumping energy just by watching a sports game on TV. I notice that one way I ground is by watering my yard, trimming my roses, and weeding a little. Hiking, working out – physical activity like this connects you to your body and the planet, helping your body to release tension and unwanted static.

The beauty of consciously grounding in the way you just learned in the post linked above, and described again below, is that it doesn’t depend on any of those other activities. You can’t always take that walk on the beach – you may not have the money, time, or freedom to get there. But you can often grab a few minutes to sit down, close your eyes, and ground your body. Even in the restroom at work, or in the car before you enter a party or meeting, or on the bus.


Is That Ghost More Powerful Than Me?

Are spirits such as ghosts, guides, and angels more powerful than you are?friendly ghost from

The question takes on an exciting, scary flavor around Halloween. Boo!

But it also comes up year-round, overtly or not, as I work with folks as a clairvoyant.

You may believe that any bodiless spirit that might cross your path – whether a goblin or a fairy, the ghost of a former resident of your home or your grandmother from the beyond – is more powerful than you are.

Maybe more terrifying: the feeling  that whatever haunts you from your past has a spiritual tenacity so great that it can’t be released.

The short answer is, generally, no. Spirits are not more powerful than you. Hard as it may be to believe, you the living human are the one with more capabilities and chops.

Tool #3: Ground Your Body (and Replenish It)

You go through life attracting information, data, images, emotions. Some of it feels like bounty. Some of it feels like stress. A lot of it is way too much for your body to handle. You’re overloaded. You may feel at times that it’s tough to cope. tree from lisabintuitive blog

Here’s a great tool for letting go of the overload: imagine grounding your body to the earth.

Grounding clears out the clutter so you can go on, refreshed, and create what you want to do or have next. Grounding allows you to release the static – background chatter from the present as well as more highly charged stuff from the past that’s gotten restimulated throughout the day.

What a relief!

The spiritual tool of grounding lets you release excess energy from your body.

The image of grounding comes from the science and practice of electricity. An electrician will tell you that grounding an object removes excess electrical charge, whether positive or negative. A conductive pathway is set up between the object and a ground. Electrons travel along the pathway, releasing from the object, and the electrical charge of the object then becomes balanced.

We can adopt that metaphor and ground our “body electric,” as poet Walt Whitman called it. But we don’t use a ground that you can touch in a literal way, like a PVC pipe or a metal bar or a wire. We use an image, a picture, that is envisioned – and then put to work.

Fun and Fearless Public Speaking (and Private Conversation): Mind-Body-Spirit Tools

Fun and Fearless Public Speaking 

(and Private Conversation): 

Mind-Body-Spirit Tools for Confident Communication


A workshop taught by Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein) 

Sat., September 27, 2014

1 - 4 p.m.

Lisa's home 

Lisa B_Lisa Bernstein speaking

Mind-Body-Spirit Tools for Singers - Workshop Sat. afternoon 8/2/14, Novato, Calif.

New in Marin!

If you missed our inaugural workshop on mind-body-spirit tools for singers (at any level), here's another chance to take it! 

Especially convenient for those in the North Bay Area.


Workshop for Singers at All Levels

Sat. August 2, 1 - 4 p.m.

Novato, Calif.

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